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Providing you with a supportive and friendly team of divorce and relationship breakdown law experts, we offer the assistance you need during this difficult period.

Providing you with a supportive and friendly team of divorce and relationship breakdown law experts, we offer the assistance you need during this difficult period.

From starting divorce proceedings to arranging a financial settlement, we look for the best outcome for you and your family. Arrangements for children are provided, and support is available for both parties to reach an amicable solution. 

If you are cohabiting and you are worried about securing your assets, we are here to help.  If there is issue regarding who owns what in your relationship breakdown, we can advise you on your right in relation to your family home or other assets acquired during your cohabitation and if the court needs to decide the issue, we are here to assist and represent you.

The complete solution

As specialist in the field of family law, we offer a range of services. These are the areas that we cover:

  • Divorce
  • Judicial Separation
  • Financial Settlement after separation and when divorcing
  • Financial settlement for children
  • Domestic Abuse Issues
  • Child Arrangement Orders
  • Return of children unlawfully removed retained outside jurisdiction
  • Prevention of unlawful removal or retention of children from jurisdiction
  • Cohabitants separation and settling assets and finances
  • Enforcement applications
  • Local Authority interventions
  • Care and placement proceedings

Our team are always here to help, and a fixed-fee divorce is available where appropriate. We offer cost-effective option that is tailored to your circumstances. With legal aid funding availability in certain circumstances and our instalment payment options to suit your budget, choose our service for complete solution to your family problems.

Our experienced and empathetic team are here to help with all Family, Divorce or Child Law matters.

Legal Aid

We can also provide services to you at no costs to you under the legal aid funding scheme if your case is within scope and you meet any relevant means and merit tests subject to any contribution that you may be required to make by the Legal Aid Agency. 

If the local authority is threatening to remove your child, we can provide legal services to you funded by the Legal Aid Agency at no cost to you.  If you do not qualify for legal aid, we have a range of funding option we can discuss with you.  Please feel free to contact us today.


Our fees are affordable and we can arrange
finance for your legal costs
if certain criteria are met.  In some
circumstances you will be entitled to legal
aid funding which
can put your mind at ease and
can concentrate on the case

Supporting you along the way, our team provide high-quality legal advice and services to help you and your loved one find your feet. Take control of your life again with the help of our team.

What do our clients say

” I chose Spring & Co as they came highly recommended. The service overall was very impressive with constant updates at every stage”.

” I liked the friendly service and being kept up to date with the progress(and of course the result of the case)”

” I had used Spring & Co Solicitors on a number of occasions and their service is excellent – very quick, very responsive”.

” The totality of the service, skills employed  and the professionalism which was demonstrated”

” I was given a clear explanation of the facts and was kept informed at all times”.

” Personal touch, consistency, encouragement, reassurance and persistence – all good for me”

” You were very thorough and provided the necessary documentation according to the schedule stipulated by the court”

” I chose Spring & Co Solicitors because I had heard that they were great at their job. Communication was very good”

” I particularly liked the thoroughness and perseverance of all aspects and honesty with the thought process”

” Good communication and reliability, giving clear information and good advice”

” I was recommended to the firm by a friend for a noise induced hearing loss claim which was dealt with quickly and efficiently”

” I was given a clear explanation of the facts of the case and was kept informed at all times”